Term 4 Evaluation

Term four has whizzed by and we can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas. Just like every other term, we have been extremely busy with lots of different experiences and exciting learning.
Some highlights for us have been Seed2Table with Joy. We loved going into the kitchen every Friday and enjoyed the surprise of the menu each week. Some of the skills we learned included dicing, chopping, trying new foods, whisking, mixing, planting, weeding, and identifying plants. By far, the best part was celebrating our achievements and going to Ross Intermediate for our final week – the dessert (Eton mess) was definitely a big hit!
Athletics day was a great day filled with lots of activity and fun. We pushed ourselves to the limits to achieve the best that we could. Kiwi house won the overall points!
At the start of Term 4 we all completed PAT tests. Without exception, every single member of Digibots made significant improvement on their results. Approximately one-third of us were assessed at 2years above our current level and still did extremely well – what stars!
The end of term has seen us celebrating all of our wonderful achievements. We had Monday Fun-Day to celebrate great learning. This included wearing pjs, shared lunch, waterslide, treasure hunt, game of flags and a movie.
Reports went home on Tuesday and we were able to share with our families the fabulous progress we have made in 2011.

Happy holidays!



In Class for the last three weeks we have been doing something called MMM”s which stands for Multi- Media Missions. We had to make a animation about something. I have done mine on hockey. I chose this because I really like hockey and it might be a bit of a challenge and it was. We had to make the people out of clay or Lego I made mine out of clay because it might be harder with Lego because I would need them to hold the sticks right.

1. Was choosing your theme. Like what it was going to be focused on.

2. Your background or how you were going to get it in the video. I choose a hockey turf and I would green screen it on

3. Making Props and People for the video out of clay or Lego, I choose clay!

4. Then we would set up the set and start moving the people step by step. Until we had finished videoing.

5.Then we edited the video and use SiSoMo ( Sight Sound and Motion)

6. Then we record any speech we need then we were finished.


The WALT is

WALT: Use SiSoMo effectively.
(Sight, Sound, Motion)

– Clear images
– good lighting/minimal shadows
– Interesting camera angles
– Connected/well matched to sound
– Title and/or captions
– Credits
– sounds match the actions
– some music, to set the tone/scene or mood
– message communicated with some voice
– message communicated with some sound effects
– all sounds clear
– small movements = smooth animation

To create a ‘lego’ or ‘clay’ animation
Think of something that interests you/you really enjoy.
e.g hobbies/sports/games/activities
Decide how you could share this interest with others through an animation.

What will people see?
What will people hear?
What movement will there be?

I thing have met…..

I think I have meet the well connecting sound bit because all of the sounds are ones you would use in a hockey game and they also fit together really well.

The message was communicated really nicely with the sounds because the sounds happen in a really game.

I think I have also met the small movement one because it flows really smoothly. Like how the ball looks like it’s really moving.

Here is my animation about a hockey game. My Hockey team is called the Servals because I named it.



My Character

My Character Sketch about my Dad

Listen to my character sketch click on the parts to listen
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

As the garage door creaked open I heard the sound of a car driving in! My Dad was home, he was a great Dad always caring and most of the time cheerful. As the car door was shut, you could hear the echo from the other end. You could hear his low voice as he walked down to the other end of the house. As he started looking for me, I moved out of the room and there he was, one of his dark brown eyes shining with glee and happiness, his short black hair standing still as I tread back into the lounge. There he was again his skin looking alive. Then I half ran,half walked into the lounge. There he was a again ready for action it looked like he could run straight towards me like a bull elephant. I took a risk and said ” You can’t catch me”. That was a big mistake! I went charging into the other room. Again he came running in. He picked me up and cradalled me like a baby. Then the top half felt like I was flying at a thousand miles an hour. I was going to be dropped then I looked down at the ground but I was dangling in the air. I cried ” Put me down”. Now I was relaxing then I realised how soft this hands were. His hands we’re cold but relaxing. “Again, again” I cried after he put me down. I looked up at his smiling face. He is most of the time smiling except when my brother Jack gets up to mischief. And there he goes, Jack’s done something wrong. It sounds like he’s been chasing the cat. I heard his grumpy voice as he stormed down the hall with Jack in his arms and I heard the door slam shut. You could hear him muttering loudly as he came in to the lounge. “He’s a brat” I say in a giggling voice as he departed the room and I run off to play in my room.

Week 6 Relfection

WALT: To relfect on our learning.

What: This week I have finished filming my animation. Our WALT and criteria is…..

Multi-Media Missions’ (MMMs)

WALT: Use SiSoMo effectively.
(Sight, Sound, Motion)

To create a ‘lego’ or ‘clay’ animation
Think of something that interests you/you really enjoy.
e.g hobbies/sports/games/activities
Decide how you could share this interest with others through an animation.


My animation is about hockey. This is part of our MMM’s. This is part of the  Motion bit of the animation. I think I have done quite well in this animation.

So What: I have learnt the light is hard to keep the same when you are filming your animation and that it takes time to do a great animation and it takes more than 1 hour to do it. Next time if I was to do this again I think I might change the way the light was by trying to keep it all the same shade.

Now What: Next week my goal is to finish my animation with credits, sound and my background.


The Life of Invisible Selena and Flat Zoe

A Day in the Life of Flat Stanley

WALT: think outside the square and write creatively

Success Criteria:
Words that are imaginative and maybe made up!
Use imagery – create a picture in peopleʼs minds
Use a range of language features e.g similes, adjectives,
Ideas are going to be original
Some ideas will be shared and used in different way

Task: Write a creative story about a ʻDay in the Life of…ʼ your character
Brainstorm/ Planning
Name your character/s
Set the scene – where is your story going to take place?
Your character needs to become flat or invisible somehow…How does this happen? When does it happen?
Introduce and describe the physical features of your character… Make the reader be able to picture in their mind what your character looks like.
What sorts of adventures / events happen to your character? at school, at home, in the playground, on holiday, at the beach, at the Plaza, at the park…

With Nicole we have been writing stories about people that are Flat or Invisible or Both. I did mine about two people called Invisible Selena and Flat Zoe. These two girls get up to wonderful things.

The Life of Invisible Selena and Flat Zoe

Zoe and Selena were twin sisters they looked alike and they had the same personalities. They had the fringe back in a pony tail and the rest of the hair was back in a second hair tie. They had dark brown eyes and blonde hair. They were 12 years old and lived in Raratonga. They lived in a three story House. Zoe and Selena lived on the top floor. Parrisse their sister was on the bottom floor and their Mum and Dad were in the middle floor.

Zoe and Selena have 5 Kittens. Zoe and Selena had five Kittens that they owned. Called Lemon, Clair, April, Lexi and Hermione. Zoe looked after Clair and Only Clair because she only want one Clair was a black cat she was like a shadow creeping along the wall and Selena looked after Lemon who was a lemon sort of colour, April who was a tortoise shell coloured cat, Lexi who was a black and white cat with a white triangle on her head and of course Hermione who was a brown coloured cat she was as brown as a milo colour.

They go to School in Raratonga at West End Intermediate. But Zoe is Flat and Selena is Invisible. Zoe had this happen because a big piece of metal fell on her and Selena just woke up the next morning invisible but they never found out why because not even the doctor knew why.

It was coming close to the end of the school year and the girls had to do one report on one country so one afternoon Selena said ” We need to get this the report done soon otherwise we will fail the writing test! That’s not really a test because you get 3 months to have it in and there is only 3 weeks left to pass.
” Don’t worry ” said Zoe “every thing will be fine. How about we jump on the plane tomorrow to go to mmmmm…… Ireland?”
“No lets go to Italy’ cried Selena ” Well how about you go to Argentina.” said their Mother in a
” Oh Mum that’s a great idea! Is there a plane leaving tomorrow for Argentina.” yelled Zoe “Argentina to the girls was a like cloud 9 always perfect! “Of course there is – it’s leaving at 11pm, but you can go” Said there Mum
” Oh thank you so much Mum” cried Selena
” But how are you going to get there? I mean it does cost lots of money” said their Mother.
“ I know how to do it Mum! Well I’m Invisible aren’t I so if I just hop on to the plane for free and since Zoe’s Flat we can just fold her up an put her in my purse.” Said Selena “Oh that’s a great Idea and it won’t hurt a bit.” Cried Zoe “ I’ll help you girls pack.” Said their Mother” “ Well you are as flat as an piece of paper!”cried Parrisse from the other end of the house

The Next day they were all ready to go to Argentina with cold and hot outfits. The Girls were lying on the Sofa. Zoe went of to go to her bedroom but her naughty brat Sister Parrisse had locked the door. Luck for Zoe that she was really flat because she went on her back and slid under the door crack. When she was in she unlocked the doors and took all the stuff that they were taking with them. She looked down at Selena’s bed side table and saw the other half of the friendship necklace she picked it up and walked down to the lounge…..“ Are you going to take this.” Said Zoe in a quiet voice “ Off course I will. Said Selena in a annoyed voice as the necklace was slithered out of Zoe’s hand and disappeared into the hands of Selena.

It was 11.15pm and the Girls were getting ready to leave. They were packing the car as Parrisse came out of the house and threw a bucket of cold icy water at Zoe “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Selena. Parrisse couldn’t see Selena because she was invisible “ Parrisse come back here you” cried Selena
“Hahaha” laughed Parrisse spiriting off. Parrisse was a naughty brat she was like a clown at a circus but lots worst
“Oh Hello Clair Hello Lemon and Hello April” Said Zoe. Were’s Lexi and Hermione Said Selena bolting of up to the stairs to find them. “ Zoe there not there” Cried Selena spiriting down the stairs. “they’re not even in their Beds” Cried Selena “ Or in any other room in the house” “ Let me have a look” Said Zoe in a calm voice. 5mins later Zoe came down out in the driveway rushing over and bring Hermione and Lexi in her arms “Lexi, Hermione” Cried Selena “ Where were you two, Thank You so Much Zoe! Where did you find them” “ They were in the laundry with Parrisse She was going to put them in the washing machine PARRISSE COME DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE” Screamed Selena “COMING SELENA” Screamed Back Parrisse. Then Parrisse appeared in the driveway “ Yes Selena what do you want now” Asked Parrisse rolling her eyes around and around “I saw that.” said Selena “Now I heard about what yo were up to you were trying to put Lexi and Hermione in the washing machine. If you do that again I’ll make you spend the rest of your life in your Room with two toilet breaks a day and five meals a day. Lemon was rolling around in the sun. Lemon was as golden as a piece of gold shimmering in the sun. They were taking them with them since they couldn’t go into the cattery and their Mum worked 12 hours a day and they didn’t trust Parrisse. So they picked them up and put them in the cat cage to travel in.

When they got to Argentina they had to steal some food from the supermarket but there weren’t any lollies, chips or sweet food so Selena came out with lots of Argentinean food. They put this all down in there report. Clair and Lemon were playing around while April was trying Argentinean milk. Then they found out that they might need some money and so Zoe went in the bank as flat as a pancake and stole some money. They learn’t lots about the money and the history from these coins and notes. They also got into the Argentina Rugby Team Practise. Then they had finished writing their report and headed home to hand it in. They had to take a big load of Argentinean milk powder so they could make it at home for Lemon, Clair and April.
When they got home their went to school the next day and handed in their report. The next day they found out that they had passed the writing test 10 days earlier than they should.

When they got home from school that Day Parrisse was on the cough with a half Grin half sad face. “ What wrong with you” Said Selena “Well I’m Happy and Sad the sad bit is you past the test and the good bit is Hermione’s in washing Machine”Giggled Parrisse “Parrisse”Cried Selena running of to the laundry to get Hermione “Why on earth are you running” Asked her Mother “Oh Mum it’s horrible Parrisse put Hermione in the washing Machine”Said Selena in a kind of rushed voice “She’s tired to do this before! Now if you don’t mind I’m going to rescue Hermione” Said Selena as she ran of up the stairs when she got there she could hear the meowing and the washing Machine spinning round and round. She looked at the stop button then she heard her mother saying “Parrisse I heard about what you did. You are so naughty and you need to say sorry to poor Selena she is so annoyed about what you did if Hermione is dead you will buy a kitten of Selena’s Choice to say you are so sorry” “Fine” Cried Parrisse you could hear her storming foot steps as she walked angrily to her room then the meowing stopped Selena Screamed “HERMIONE HERMIONE” “Selena is everything ok” Cried Zoe “She stopped Meowing.”Said Selena in a scared kind of voice “Mum”Cried Zoe “Hermione’s stopped meowing” “What”Cried their mother “Parrisse come out of your room right now and come up stairs.” When their mother got their she said “Ok Zoe I want you to stay here and get Hermione out and Parrisse, Selena and I are going to go to the pet shop and Parrisse is going to buy Selena another cat.She said in an angry voice.

When Selena, Parrisse and their Mum got home from the pet story. Zoe came running down to Selena who was carrying her new kitten in her hands and Said “She’s alive She’s alive Hermione’s Alive” “Were is she Were is She”Cried Selena with tears of joy “Her she is” Said Zoe happily “oh and Zoe this is Callie” Said Selena with tears in her eyes of happiness and Joy “Mum should we give Callie back to the shop” Piped up Parrisse “Do we have to Mum I mean Callie’s so cute.” said Selena in a worried kind of voice. “I think we should keep Callie.” sighed Zoe “you’re right Zoe we are going to keep Callie.” Cried her Mother looking Parrisse in the eye. Parrisse sighed “Well I guess she’s is pretty cute sighed looking at Callie in the eye.

The End

Athletics Day

WALT: Reflect on our learning

Task: To write a blog post about athletics day
Criteria: I have…

  • Described (in detail) what I did at athletics
  • Described the highlight of the day for me
  • Included a photo slideshow with between 10 and 25 photos


Today was our Athletics day today when it’s down to the best. First we started of by going to javelin. I did quiet well in Javelin, I came 3rd place in Javelin. First was Brie and second was Bree! Now it was time for long jump I didn’t do very well at all. But it a fun anyway. Now it was brunch so we had our food while the little kids did their final spirits then we went out to our long distance running. We had to run the whole field it was very tiring. I got so puffed that I was doing very big breaths. Now it’s time to do one of my favorites High Jump I really sucked at high Jump it started of quiet high first and got higher an tile the winner was found! Now it was hurdles I came first in the hurdle heat first in the hurdle semi finals and in the finals I came 5th place over all. Then it was lunch the year 3’s, 4’s 5’s and 6’s did their spirit finals in the year five girls Catlyin came 1st Jessica W 2nd and Madeline 3rd and then it wartime to go to shot put when I was doing shot put I kept doing throws not pushes but when I did It wasn’t very good and then it was discus time I sucked at discus I didn’t now at first were to throw it in to. Then it was the house relay and who do you think won yes that’s right KIWI my house Kiwi second time Kiwi’s won in a row. Then it was time to go home

Athletics on PhotoPeach


Seed 2 Table 5

WALT: Reflect on our learningTask: To write a blog post about week 5 S2T learning
Criteria: I have…

  • Described (in detail) what I/my group did in Seed 2 Table this week
  • Described at least 3 discoveries I made from this week’s cooking, including what helped me to understand this. (This may be confirming learning that has already happened)
  • Described the menu and included my response to the food, explaining the food textures and flavours.
  • Included at least 1 photo to support my writing
  • Written about 1 thing that I am proud of myself from this week’s S2T.
This week was our last Seed 2 Table this week we went to Ross Intermediate to do our Cooking. Today the Menu Was Eton Mess, Min Hunza Pie’s, Stuff Balls and Chicken Meatballs. First we started by getting the Chicken Meatball underway by getting all the things we need together like Chicken, Herbs and anything else. We had to make ten Meat balls two for each of us. This we got on to the stuffing balls we used stuff like bread crumbs we did this by grating the beard on a grater and also the was rosemary and more. We made 5 of those but they were a lot bigger than the chicken balls Then we got on to the Hunza Pie. I wasn’t there for those but I know they had Yoghurt, Rice, Tomato’s and Cheese and it probably had more in it too. Then when I got back they were just finishing off the Eton Mess they have Mashed Meringue, Cut in half Strawberries and Cream. They had just done all of that and were stirring it all together it looked a bit like Ice Cream after it was finished then it was time to Start setting the tables for lunch. Then we got served by the Parent that was in our kitchen that was just watching our us. The Food was Really yummy I really liked the Eton Mess and Stuffing Balls. I think the chicken Balls had a bit to much Herbs (Thyme and Pasley). The Eton Mess was really nice it tasted a alot like Cream and Ice Cream. But it had really nice bits of Strawberry in it so it was like Strawberry Ice-Cream. So This was my last seed to table for this year but I hope to do it next year

Bird Art

Shape Bird Art
WALT: to use water colours effectively.

Success Criteria:

  • I have used watercolours to make a background, blending yellow and red
  • Dabbed background to make it have a ‘splotchy’ effect
  • Contrasting colours between background and foreground (bird)
  • I have a bold vivid outline
  • My picture has an interesting range of shapes
  • I have used pastels to colour in shapes with vibrant colours
  • My bird is an abstract design (not realistic)


With Nicole every Tuesday for the last 3 weeks we have been working on some Bird Art.

First we drew a bird with pencil which had shapes on it’s body (my shape was scale shapes) and then went over it with Vivid.

Then we cut the bird out. Then we coloured in the eyes and shapes with Pastels.

Then we put watercolour on the bird’s head and body/wings.

Then we cut the bird out.

Then we made a background for the bird to be stuck to by putting our paintbrushes in the yellow and red and blotched in onto the paper which made a cool orange blotched background.

After we finished the background we stuck the bird onto it.

Then we trimmed it, backed it on black paper and wrote our name on it.

As you can see I have done an Owl. How Did I get these amazing white lines. When I was doing pastel I Put some white lines on the white Body when I died it the die went over it but when I accidentally put to much water in the paint I used it and so I got a Tissue and touched it softly with it and some of the die came of and it came of the pastel and I kept doing it.